Lessons of love

     The children are out on break. Some are happy, showing off with their Romanian language test. Others bow their heads, unhappy with the efforts they made.
Geta: Do no be upset, Ana! Let’s better go and play! Look what a doll I brought today!
Ana: You and your dolls, you always make me smile... but (more to herself)... my test grade makes me sad. What will mum say?
Geta: Come on, Ana! It’s break time. (Running around Ana, jumping from one foot to the other and trying to make Ana happy)
Geta: Why can’t I ever get upset with you?! Show me your doll... What a beautiful dress she has!
Geta: I combed her hair like yours. Look, I even put a hairpin, exactly like yours.
Ana: Yes, I see it now... It looks better on her anyway.
Geta: It is not true! You are a thousand times more beautiful than my doll! Ana: You are beautiful too, Geta! Geta: No, I am not beautiful! Didn’t you hear Virgil tell me „fi sh face?! You are my beautiful friend. I am only a little bit beautiful.
Ana: You have a beautiful soul! Your friendship gives me joy... Look, I am not upset anymore. I will do something about my grade!
Geta: See? See?... You should play with me and my dolls everyday.
After the Arts class, the children were going home. Geta and Ana are neighbors. They go to school and turn back home together. Today their attention was drawn by a little girl begging. She was sitting on a cardboard. Inside a little box, a few by-passers threw in some coins.
Geta: Poor thing, do you think she’s hungry?
Ana: Ask her.
Geta (getting closer): What is your name?... I am Geta.
The little girl (giving them a nasty look): Leave me alone!
Geta: Are you hungry?
The girl: ( kept silent)
Geta: Where is your mother?
The girl (after a pretty long break): She’s at home... Get away from here my brother will come... he will think you’re stealing my money!
Geta: Aren’t you cold?... It’s not summer!
Ana: Come on Geta, leave her alone!
Geta: I am not hurting her!... (Turning towards the little girl, she asked) Are you going to school? The girl (after a short break): No! Listen to the other girl and leave me alone! (Ana gently pulled Geta away and they went home. She knew Geta really liked making new friend and, because of this, she sometimes forgot someone was waiting for her at home)
    The next day, on the way to school
Geta: I wonder if that girl is still there today...
Ana: Maybe she is, maybe she isn’t!
Geta: There she is! (running towards her) I brought you some bread with butter and an apple.
Ana: Come on, Geta, it is late!
     The same day, on the way home
Geta: She’s still here! (She runs and sits down next to the girl) Do you want to see my doll?
The girl: I do.
Geta: See, she looks like Ana! Do you have any dolls?
The girl: I- I do not play... I do not have time.
Geta: You do not have any dolls?! What are you playing with?
The girl: Don’t understand that I have neither toys nor time to play?!
Geta: What is your name?
The girl: Dida.
Geta: Dida... it’s beautiful. (looking at Ana) Ana is also a beautiful name.
Ana: Geta, I am in a hurry. Shall we go?
Geta: Lets stay a little longer.
Ana: Just five minutes...
Geta: Ok... (turning at Dida) Did you see what a beautiful dress the doll is wearing?
      The next morning
Ana: I hope to write a nice composition today. I want to get a good grade.
Geta: You are smart... you helped me, Dana, Ioana... Look, there is Dida! (running towards her, she opens her schoolbag, taking out a bag of food and a doll). These are for you!
Dida (took them in her hand. She started smiling. Her face became brighter.) Are you sure I can have this?!
Geta: It’s yours!
      Romanian Language lesson. The children must write a composition named „A Good Deed". Ana, thinking about her friend, wrote the following:
How many of us can say we have true friends?! How many of us can we really appreciate?! Do we see their merits?!
When I look at Geta, I see light, kindness and joy. Her playfulness cheers me up, gives meaning to my childhood. Her innocent games lure me into a carefree world.
But I have discovered her soul. How many of up would sit down next to a begging girl?! How many of us would give her food?! Who would give up their won doll, offering it to a beggar?! How many of us would have played with her, Bringing a smile on the face of an obviously tortured child?!
In her world, Geta is wonderful. In her world, Geta is happy. From her world, Geta is teaching us the lesson of love!
     Explain the statement from the story: "In her world, Geta is wonderful. In her world, Geta is happy. From her world, Geta is teaching us the lesson of love!".
     Did you know that…
Down syndrome symptoms vary widely from child to child. While some children need special medical attention, others are healthy and lead a life almost independent;  Children with Down syndrome are very affectionate and eager for more love. Show them the love they need and you are sure to make a friend; It is important to remember that while children and adults with Down syndrome experience developmental delays, they also have many talents and gifts and should be given the opportunity and encouragement to develop them.