A Moment in Silvia’s Life


     An evening in the family.
     Silvia finished packing her schoolbag. Her brother, Mircea, was studying history. Father was in the living room watching TV. Mother, in the kitchen, was fixing dinner.
Silvia: Daddy, please let me use the computer for a few minutes. I prepared everything for tomorrow.
Dad: Soon, we will have dinner. It’s better if you go help your mother set the table.
Mother: Let her! I am going to need her in half an hour.
Silvia: I will help mum, you know I enjoy doing this. But I only need 15 minutes. It is Sanda’s birthday tomorrow, my classmates, and I want to send her a greeting. I want to be the first one wishing her „Happy Birthday!”
Dad: OK! But I’ll watch the time! 15 minutes… not one more.
Silvia: I will. Thank you.
She started the computer. What she was horrified her. All her email addresses were deleted.
Silvia: Mircea! What I will do to you… Bad, bad Mircea, how could you?! (she yelled with an upset voice)
Mircea: (hearing her from his room) This is punishment for eating my chocolate candies. You knew how much I liked them.
Silvia: Big deal! You could have bought others!
Mircea: And where could I hide them from you? The stomach is the safest place. (laughing)
Silvia: Laugh all you want! I was so stupid to tell you my password… but it’s alright… one day you will need me too…
Mircea: Sure, sure… let’s see how you will get out of this one! I saved them in my folder, but I am not telling you.
Silvia: I don’t need them. You will see, I will remember all of them!
Mircea: I want to see that happen!... 15-20 addresses.
Silvia was sitting in front of the computer, writing all the email addresses one by one.
Silvia: Well, what do you have to say now?! It’s a shame we didn’t make a bet…
Mircea: (surprised) I’ll be! Your memory is amazing! I am completely surprised!
Silvia (smiling with satisfaction): Don’t you ever mess with me! And next time hide those candies in a better place, otherwise… Mircea goes back to his room to fi nish his homework. Silvia sends the greeting. Then, she helps her mother lay the table.
They have dinner together, like any happy family.
     At home, before going to school.
Mother: I love you both so much. You are the most precious treasures in my life. Behave as I taught you. Be kind and well behaved!
Silvia: Yes, mother. You say this to us every day.
Mother: I don’t want you to forget them.
Mircea: I’ll bring your schoolbag. This way, we’ll get there on time. What are you carrying, stones?!... Come on, lets go!
Silvia: Wait, I want to kiss mother goodbye!
Mircea: You already have… lets’ go, it’s a long way to school… and until getting there you will stop five times on the way.
Silvia: We have time. What?! Do you think I couldn’t do this by myself?!... Yes, mum, he keeps telling me on the way „Lets go!” What?! Do you think I would not walk faster if I could?! I heard you call me an elephant… my ears are good, even if I weight more… I still love you! Lets go! Bye, mum!
Mother: Be safe! Go with God!
     The way to school
     On the street, Mircea is walking alongside Silvia, pushing her to hurry. But no use, she cannot be taken out of her rhythm. He gets upset and starts walking ahead. He sits down on a bench in the park, waiting for her impatiently. Every now and then, he throws a rock into the rain puddle.
Mircea: Sit down for a minute, and then we’ll start off again.
Silvia: (breathing heavily) I’ll sit. (She sat down by her brother)
Mircea: Tomorrow we’ll take the bus… I don’t want to move like a snail.
Silvia: You would like that… me too… but if our parents finds out…
Mircea: OK, OK… but we’ll start earlier… come on!
Silvia: I want to take a bite from the butter croissant…
Mircea: No! We must go! We’ll eat that during the big break, you know what mum said…
Silvia: Please, just once!
Mircea: I will tell mother! You know how upset she will be…
Silvia: OK, OK. Don’t think I won’t eat it (almost whispering).
     In class
    Mathematics lesson. The teacher is explaining multiplication of two digit numbers. Children are paying attention. Silvia’s deskmate is Ionut.
Silvia (whispering): Please pay more attention, because I don’t understand anything. Will you explain to me?
Ionut: Sure I will! Now let me listen, I don’t want to miss anything!
Ionut was focusing on the explanations from the blackboard. Silvia, elbows on the desk and keeping her head in her hands, was desperately trying to pay attention. But she fell asleep and her head hit the desk. Children started to laugh. She did the same.
Teacher: (She did not make comments about the incident. This was happening, every now and then) Lets continue… (and she went on with her explanations). Silvia (ashamed, talking with Ionut) When you see me dosing off, give me a nudge… I prefer you laugh, but not the others…
Ionut (whispering): Believe me, I hadn’t noticed. I was paying attention to the teacher… but… try controlling yourself… I’ll give you a nudge from time to time, to make sure you are awake.
     During the break.
     Sanda, a classmate, is celebrating her birthday. She brought cakes, juice and candy. Silvia, being on duty, offered to help her. Plates, teaspoons and glasses had to be laid on the desks. Wrapped candies and cakes were supposed to be served when the children came in. Silvia was looking at the appetizing cakes. It was hard to resist the temptation. If she takes just one, nobody will notice, she thought. It was too tempting… she told more to herself, first looking and then swallowing down the cake piece by piece. Sanda received her greetings from her mates. Then she gave them candies and cakes. The classmate from the last row was left without a cake.
Sanda: (almost crying) I counted them. They were supposed to be enough… I don’t understand what happened…
Silvia: (looking down) I took a piece… I couldn’t resist when I saw them during the break… please forgive me… I offered to help… and I… But look, I will give him my piece of cake! (She took the cake to her classmate from the last row)
Sanda: I forgive you, but you put me in a very unpleasant situation. You should have asked and I would have explained that I brought exact numbers… I am sorry it happened this way…(She passed by the teacher’s desk and, accidently touching the vase, it fell and broke. Sanda started crying)
Teacher: This means luck! … After all, it is just a vase!
Silvia: (upset about what happened but happy to make a good deed) I promise to fix this, glue it back piece by piece… Nobody will understand it was broken… Allow me to pick them up carefully, so that no piece is missing. I have everything I need in my locker.
Civic education lesson passed. Silvia arranged the glue and the pieces of vase on her desk. They were not many, it will be easy for her. The classmates gathered around her, with the teacher’s permission.
Dorel: I don’t think she will make it…
Ionut: If she promised, it wasn’t in vain… she must rely on something…
Corina: If she makes it, I will bring the china I broke at home. I’ve been keeping it in my drawer for a week, so that my mother won’t find out…
Dana: My brother tore one of my necklaces. I liked them very much, they had a complicated pattern, not just one bead after another… They are now in a bag… They all had something broken, unwounded, chipped, things they cared about and couldn’t give up on. While Silvia was carefully gluing the shards, she was fitting them like a puzzle.
Dorin: She did it! I would not have believed it…
Ionut: I was sure she would do it. I know her better than you… Good work!
Sanda: Thank you! I am sure they will bring luck. I want you to have some of that luck!
Silvia: We must wait for a few minutes, then we can put the water and the flowers back…
Ioana: I like your work… Great job! Congratulations!
Silvia: I overheard you while I was working. Bring to me all the stuff you broke at home. I will try to fix them… I hope I will succeed…
Ionut: WE will not let you down either. We will stand by you. Long walks will be good for us too, and they will help you fight against extra weight.
Silvia: I am glad you are thinking about me, although I would have preferred some games where I don’t have to move so much.
Ionut: In this case, you can be referee, together with Dorin, at our tennis matches.
Silvia: Ah, tracking tennis balls… I like the idea…
Dorin: I was sure you would like this. I know you pretty well, we are neighbors after all. But I am warning you, the tennis field is on the outskirts of the city. The road is still in construction, so we will have to walk there,
Silvia: Yes, I will accept walking!
Teacher: I am glad you all decided to help Silvia with her weight problems. I am convinced you will keep your word. I am proud of such pupils!
Have you ever met Silvia? What can you say about her?
    Did you know that…
Prader Willi Syndrome is a genetic disease. People with Prader Willi do not feel full from food and that is why they may eat very much, leading to obesity. By accepting these people we help them a lot, to socialize, to make friends more easily and to overcome the difficulties faced. People with Prader Willi Syndrome must follow a diet and exercise program, while limiting access to food is absolutely necessary.