Workshopul Fit4RareFit4All

Published by admindmb on Wed, 19/07/2017 - 13:33

Alianța Naționalã pentru Boli Rare, în parteneriat cu Asociația Prader Willi din România și Asociația Românã de Cancere Rare vã invitã în zilele de 3-4 septembrie 2017 la Hotel Opal, Cluj-Napoca, workshopul cu titlul: Fit4RareFit4All!

Evenimentul este creditat de CMR cu 6 credite EMC. În dezbatere teme precum: accesul la tratamen, registre de pacienți, centre de expertizã, rețele europene de referințã, servicii sociale specializate, baze de date, încadrarea în grad de handicap etc.

Așteptam înscrierile dvs. pe adresa pânã în data de 25.08.2017, în limita locurilor disponibile!


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The National Alliance for Rare Diseases Support – Malta should advocate for all uncommon illness patients and other uncommon malady bunches at national level and will be an intense partner in the public arena. UK Dissertation Help

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Over the span of the school year, we offer our understudies on numerous occasions to take part willfully in workshops. Essay Avenue This semester, there was the "Fit-4-Tests", composed by Mag. Marianne Rott (Kinesiologist, Certified Child and Youth Trainer, Lerncoach). The understudies were educated inside 2.5 hours how they can figure out how to approach the following exam easily, rationally fortified and with certainty.

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F.I.T. 4 all is a non-benefit organization that is set for make fitness more affordable, accessible, and empowering for all! One of our key ventures is our quarterly F.I.T fests. For a small amount of what these types of Assignment Service events normally cost, guests have access to two days of health workshops, inspiring speakers, fitness classes, and more.

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