The ANBRaRo Strategic plan 2014- 2018 consists of 6 sections
Section 1: Introduction: provides a description of ANBRaRo and its raison d’être, the prevailing health-care environment, the purpose of a five year strategic plan, and the process through which this plan was developed and will evolve during the coming 5 years
Section 2: Vision and mission: outlines ANBRaRo’s vision for the future and its mission
Section 3: Core values and principles: describes ANBRaRo’s core values and guiding principles
Section 4: Strategic Goals: describes ANBRaRo’s key goals for the coming five years
Section 5: Objectives and Strategies: support these goals with specific objectives and strategies
Section 6: Review and Realignment: outlines the strategies in place for process and outcome evaluation and how the strategic plan will be refined and reshaped in accordance with on-going achievements and challenges, and the external environment.